This book will draw you in…

best-romance-novel-reviews4This book will draw you in... This book will draw you in and you will become immersed in this wondrous journey that the main character is forced to go on. I was asked to give my honest review of this new book and after reading the 1st Chapter, I was hooked. The writer draws you right in to this story. The writing was in the 2nd person, and although there are multiple languages smattered throughout the story, it intrigued me. It is a well told story of a farm girl, Maria, as she travails through her journey to join her Mother after her Father's death. Shian Serie has written a good book. There is violence and some disturbing sexual content but it was done in a way to show how difficult Maria's journey to find her Mother, actually was. A sort of discovery of life and all it's hardships, as well as it's joys. I know some languages so the smattering of them did not bother me. There is a translation of all the words used in the end of the book, to help those who need it. This did not detract from the story. It actually enhanced it, as the use of foreign terms, and even some sign language, showed the reader the path that Maria was on as she adjusted and learned as she travels on this journey. I hated the ending... but then I think it was purposeful in venturing on the next journey. I can not wait for the next book in this series.

Title: The Bee Keeper's Daughter Author: Shiån Serei
Published: 29 May, 2016 Publisher: Aurous Publishing
Language English Genre Romantic Fiction
ISBN 978-0997129113 Average Rating 4.8
Rating: 4 Review Date July 3, 2016

By Barbara L

The Bee Keeper's Daughter

By Barbara L

Author: Aurous |  Date Updated: 12:08 pm
Aurous Publishing · 828 N. Rainbow Blvd, #3057 · Las Vegas, NV, 89107
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