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Smart Bitches 2017 Gift Guide, Volume 3

Blue gift box with silver ribbon on white background.It’s shopping time, once again! I get so excited to write the gift guides each week, in part because I get to shop for everyone and share links and talk about things I think you’ll really like. And then you comment and email me lots more ideas and it’s just wonderful. So thank you.

Ready for round three of our annual gift guide?

Last week we talked about items that bring comfort and warmth, and prior to that  we were all about advent calendars. This week?


I confess, until very recently, I was not into candles. I had small children, and I had not-entirely-smart cats who like to stick their faces into things, and I didn’t have safe places to keep a candle, much less…Continue reading

Author: RomanceNovel Reviews |  Date Updated: 12:04 pm
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