Interview with Shian Serei, Author of The Bee Keeper’s Daughter

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Aurous Publishing is delighted to introduce and familiarize fictional romance fans with author Shian Serei. Shian has agreed to a brief introductory interview as the launch of his first book, The Bee Keeper’s Daughter, goes out this week on Amazon.

AP: You grew up in Great Britain but the story begins in Medieval Russia, how did you prepare for writing an epic tale that was beyond anything familiar to you?

SS: Well, the great part about fiction is you can fill in the blanks with whatever you like, as long as it’s reasonable. I wove the story from what I knew of the Russian language, culture, and my experiences while on trips in Moscow and other cities.

AP: What was your intention for the reader, when you decided…Continue reading

Author: Aurous |  Date Updated: 11:31 pm
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