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Shiån Serei author or romance novels and childrens books


Shiån Serei, pronounced ‘Shon See-ree’ grew up in a family of traditional farmers in Yateley, England. His family relocated to the United States where he attended the University of New York and later worked as a TV script and ghost writer before turning his talent toward romantic fiction and children’s books.

Radio Interview with Author Shiån Serei

Listen Shiån’s interview with Artist First Radio network. Discussions include his formitive years, his diversity with romance and children’s books, fatherhood, guitar and his passion for languages and travel.


About the Romance Novels

His research for the 5 Part Series: The Kingdom of Meridian, was based on his early years living in Yately. The first volume in the series; The Beekeepers Daughter, required multiple trips to the Russian Federation to research the history and characters. He also conducted interviews with hundreds of East Europeans from Russia, Ukraine, Estonia, Belarus, and Moldova to gain insight into the subtleties of their culture and habits.

About the Children’s Stories

Shiån ventured into children’s stories as an alternative project to his other works. Shiån was a single father who struggled to get his energetic children to bed on time. The nightly battle had him sitting outside their rooms, like a guard, waiting to catch them trying to sneak out of their rooms. One night, Shiån brought his guitar along to pass the time and noticed his children went to bed quickly and slept through the night. He repeated the process until it became their nightly ritual. For years he did this every night, until his children were almost teenagers. Shiån performed the acoustic guitar music from his nightly concerts in the Bear and Bee Bedtime Stories.

The Bear and Bee are two unlikely characters who become friends and build a life on the island of Bearberia. The eBook includes games, music and puzzles to make bedtime a special moment between parents and their children. The books were published in ten languages and are now available worldwide on

Shiån Serei is available exclusively through Aurous Publishing Corp, contact their offices in Las Vegas, NV for interviews and media information.

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