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About The Kingdom of Meridian

The Kingdom of Meridian, written by Shiån Serei, is a romantic saga taking place in medieval time across multiple continents. The story begins in the city of Rostov, Russia and continues through the series into England, France, Japan and other countries.

Meridian is set against the historic backdrop of the medieval age, intertwining geography, customs and culture with rich characters and adventurous plot turns.

The ‘coming of age’ story of the primary character, Maria, is combined with suspense, world travel and creates an epic love story worthy of East European legends.

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Common phrases in ten languages are included in the character’s dialogue, with an index in the back for translation.
English, Russian, French, Chinese, Finnish, Polish, Hindi, Latin, Turkik & Spanish.

Immersive Scenes

Descriptions of scenes and characters will awake your senses with images, sounds and sensations in stunning detail.

Substantial Reading

Each of the Meridian romance novels are over five hundred pages in length. The adventure and action are pervasive with unexpected twists around every corner.

Fall of Meridian

Volume III of the Kingdom of Meridian Saga
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