Romance Novel Trailer to Compete in Film Festival

The Bee Keeper's Daughter trailer to compete in film festival

The book trailer for The Bee Keeper’s Daughter romance novel has been accepted in the L.A. Neo Noir Novel, Film, & Script Festival! The trailer will be part of a private showing during the event and be presented in Hollywood to potential producers and directors.

About the Romance Novel Trailer

The trailer for the Bee Keeper’s Daughter is just under 2 minutes long and was developed by book author Shiån Serei at Aurous Publishing. The short film captures the highlights of the story, with a pulsing race of images and music that lay out the ideas of a young Russian woman’s adventure on the Volga river in medieval time.

About The Bee Keeper’s Daughter

Bee Keeper’s Daughter is the first book in The Kingdom of Meridian series. The…Continue reading

Happy Holidays from Shiån Serei

On behalf of the Kingdom of Meridian romance novels, Aurous Publishing and the devoted staff that has worked all year to get our little story published worldwide, I want to say “Thank You!”. The year 2016 is coming to a close and so much has happened since the initial kickoff in June, I would never have imagined so many things coming together so quickly, and all because of the sincere efforts of so many people who loved the story and wanted to share it.

To Igor in Yekaterinburg, thanks for your support and friendship through the years and helping with getting us into Ozon, Litres and more Russian websites than I can track. To Tetyana, the world’s most patient proofreader and merchandising genius, thanks for supporting the story…Continue reading

Worldwide Launch of The Bee Keeper’s Daughter

The Bee Keepers Daughter by Shian Serei - Kingdom of Meridian Romance Novels

About The Bee Keeper’s Daughter

The Bee Keeper’s Daughter, the first volume in the Kingdom of Meridian romance saga is now available on all major eBook platforms and in print format. The story begins in Rostov Russia 1290AD as the Tatar invasion has impacted local towns. Through a twist of fateful events, the heroine of the story, Maria, must evade capture and travel up the Volga river to find safety with distant family. This coming of age story takes the reader on a suspense-filled journey alongside Maria as she discovers new friendships, romantic interests and the first experiences of her womanhood.  Join Maria as she discovers her destiny in a dangerous and fantastic world.

Romance Novel Language References

Russian language and customs are sprinkled…Continue reading

About Shiån Serei



Shiån Serei, pronounced ‘Shon See-ree’ grew up in a family of traditional farmers in Yateley, England. His family relocated to the United States where he attended the University of New York and later worked as a TV script and ghost writer before turning his talent toward romantic fiction.

Shiån admits to being a travel addict and uses his transit experiences when developing character and story lines. He also explores local history and folklore to find unique elements to serve as backdrops for scenes.

Research for the Kingdom of Meridian

His research for the 5 Part Series: The Kingdom of Meridian, was based on his early years living in Yately. The first volume in the series; The Beekeepers Daughter, required multiple trips to the Russian Federation to…Continue reading


The Kingdom of Meridian

The Kingdom of Meridian, written by Shiån Serei, is a romantic saga taking place in medieval time across multiple continents. The story begins in the city of Rostov, Russia and continues through the series into England, France, Japan and other countries. Meridian is set against the historic backdrop of the medieval age, intertwining geography, customs and culture with rich characters and adventurous plot turns.

The ‘coming of age’ story of the primary character, Maria, is combined with suspense, world travel and creates an epic love story worthy of East European legends.

The Five Romance Novel Volumes in Order

  • The Bee Keepers Daughter – Publsihed May 2016
  • The Kings Body Guard – Release scheduled December 2016
  • Fall of Meridian – To Be Announced
  • The…Continue reading

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