Romance Novel Trailer Wins at LA Film Festival

We are delighted to announce The trailer for The Bee Keeper’s Daughter was officially selected and won a Gold Award at the 2017 LA Neo Noir Novel, Film & Script Festival.

About the Romance Novel

The Bee Keeper’s Daughter by Shiån Serei
The story begins with a young Russian peasant named Maria. Through a series of tragic events, she must travel North on the Volga river to find safety with relatives in a distant city. Along the way she discovers romance, adventure, friendship and the beginnings of her womanhood.

Book info:

The world beyond Maria’s simple farm life in Rostov is fraught with peril. She must evade determined soldiers, seeking her capture while daring to trust complete strangers for help. Travel with Maria as she uses every skill acquired in her childhood and every lesson learned from her Mother, the town school teacher. Be there when her eyes are opened to the ways of the world, learning everything in a hurried pace of danger, intrigue and excitement.

The story unfolds within the backdrop of Russian history and folklore. Maria’s story will wrap you in a world of sensory imagination that takes you away in the first chapter and holds you till the last word is read. Only to discover the story of Maria is far greater than ever imagined, she is a legend in the making, guided to her destiny.

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The Beekeepers Daughter is volume one of five in the medieval saga, The Kingdom of Meridian.

About The Kingdom of Meridian

The Kingdom of Meridian, written by Shiån Serei, is a romantic saga taking place in medieval time across multiple continents. The story begins in the city of Rostov, Russia and continues through the series into England, France, Japan and other countries. Meridian is set against the historic backdrop of the medieval age, intertwining geography, customs and culture with rich characters and adventurous plot turns.

The ‘coming of age’ story of the primary character, Maria, is combined with suspense, world travel and creates an epic love story worthy of East European legends.

About Shiån Serei

Shiån Serei, pronounced ‘Shon See-ree’ grew up in a family of traditional farmers in Yateley, England. His family relocated to the United States where he attended the University of New York and later worked as a TV script and ghost writer before turning his talent toward romantic fiction.

Shiån admits to being a travel addict and uses his transit experiences when developing character and story lines. He also explores local history and folklore to find unique elements to serve as backdrops for scenes.

Author: Shiån Serei |  Date Updated: 10:36 am
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