Romance Novel Trailer to Compete in Film Festival

The Bee Keeper's Daughter trailer to compete in film festival

The book trailer for The Bee Keeper’s Daughter romance novel has been accepted in the L.A. Neo Noir Novel, Film, & Script Festival! The trailer will be part of a private showing during the event and be presented in Hollywood to potential producers and directors.

About the Romance Novel Trailer

The trailer for the Bee Keeper’s Daughter is just under 2 minutes long and was developed by book author Shiån Serei at Aurous Publishing. The short film captures the highlights of the story, with a pulsing race of images and music that lay out the ideas of a young Russian woman’s adventure on the Volga river in medieval time.

About The Bee Keeper’s Daughter

Bee Keeper’s Daughter is the first book in The Kingdom of Meridian series. The author, Shiån Serei, originally planned only a few chapters to introduce and transport the main character, Maria, from her Russian homeland to Meridian where the dominant portion of the series takes place. However, during the layout, Shiån saw a chance to illustrate the colorful history, traditions, and language of the Russian people as a backdrop for Maria’s story. The result became the first volume in the series, an adventurous, romantic tale filled with peril and intrigue.

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Author: Shiån Serei |  Date Updated: 3:38 pm
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