Romance Novel Trailer Wins at LA Film Festival

We are delighted to announce The trailer for The Bee Keeper’s Daughter was officially selected and won a Gold Award at the 2017 LA Neo Noir Novel, Film & Script Festival.

About the Romance Novel

The Bee Keeper’s Daughter by Shiån Serei
The story begins with a young Russian peasant named Maria. Through a series of tragic events, she must travel North on the Volga river to find safety with relatives in a distant city. Along the way she discovers romance, adventure, friendship and the beginnings of her womanhood.

Book info:

The world beyond Maria’s simple farm life in Rostov is fraught with peril. She must evade determined soldiers, seeking her capture while daring to trust complete strangers for help. Travel with Maria as she uses every…Continue reading

Romance Novel Trailer to Compete in Film Festival

The Bee Keeper's Daughter trailer to compete in film festival

The book trailer for The Bee Keeper’s Daughter romance novel has been accepted in the L.A. Neo Noir Novel, Film, & Script Festival! The trailer will be part of a private showing during the event and be presented in Hollywood to potential producers and directors.

About the Romance Novel Trailer

The trailer for the Bee Keeper’s Daughter is just under 2 minutes long and was developed by book author Shiån Serei at Aurous Publishing. The short film captures the highlights of the story, with a pulsing race of images and music that lay out the ideas of a young Russian woman’s adventure on the Volga river in medieval time.

About The Bee Keeper’s Daughter

Bee Keeper’s Daughter is the first book in The Kingdom of Meridian series. The…Continue reading

Romance Novel Trailer: The Bee Keeper’s Daughter

Romance Novel Trailer

Captain Tanner enter’s Maria’s life at a critical time when she is desperate to save her mother from remaining in prison. She is fascinated by his appearance, charm and intellect as she works as a cook on the three masted ship he commands. But life on the open sea is anything but simple in 1290 AD and Maria is the only woman on board the busy maritime vessel. The Bee Keepers Daughter Romance Novel is available worldwide on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Apple iBooks, LitRes and Smashwords. Escape to ancient Russia’s Volga river and discover a romantic and adventurous world unlike any you’ve ever imagined. 18+ content.

Full Book Details

About The Romance Novel

The Bee…Continue reading

Shiån Serei interviewed on Artist First Radio Network

Shiån Serei was interviewed on the Author First show, on Artist First Radio network. Host, Tony Kay, spoke with Shiån about the origin of his writing and early childhood influences. Shiån shared his experience in moving often as a child in a military family and how it helped him understand the world and dynamics of social influence.

The two also discussed two of Shiån’s newest books and how they were developed. Tony asked about the historical background of The Bee Keeper’s Daughter which begins in medieval Russia. Shiån also shared his experiences as a single father and how that contributed to the making of Bear & Bee Bedtime Rhymes– a children’s bedtime story that includes music by the author and interactive games.

The interview was broadcast on…Continue reading

Shiån Serei – Interview on Authors-First Show

Attention Romance Novel Fans: The romantic adventure, “The Bee Keeper’s Daughter” will be reviewed live with author Shiån Serei on the “Authors-First” Show on ArtistFirst World Radio Network, Tuesday, January 31, at 6:00 PM (EST). Tune-in from anywhere on your Smart Phone, Car, Tablet, PC, or any wi-fi device.

Shiån will also talk about his new children’s book project, Bear & Bee Bedtime Rhymes.

Listen… or visit:

About The Bee Keeper’s Daughter:
The Bee Keeper’s Daughter by Shian Serei is a medieval romance novel that is anything but what you expect from the genre. You’re immediately off and running within the first chapter as the main character, Maria, must evade capture and travel Russia’s Volga river to reach distant relatives. Along the way the young girl…Continue reading

Romance Novels – Download Free eBook

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About The Bee Keeper’s Daughter

The story begins with Maria, a young woman struggling to survive in medieval Russia. Through a series of tragic events, she must travel from Rostov, upstream on the Volga river across Northwestern Russia to find safety with relatives in a distant city. Along the way she is exposed to a dangerous, unforgiving world, far beyond the conservative village she had always known. Her experience becomes a personal journey in trust, adventure, love and destiny.

Readers will be taken on an exciting journey filled with folklore, Russian history, and romantic encounters. The pace is fast as Maria travels by ship trying to evade Tatar soldiers who seek to return her to Rostov. Armed only with a handful of items and the knowledge her parents…Continue reading

Romance Author Creates Merchandise to Tell Story

Kingdom of Meridian Merchandise
When Shiån Serei, author of The Bee Keeper’s Daughter, wanted to promote his first novel, he turned to an unlikely source for inspiration. The concept? T-shirts, specifically tourism-themed shirts based on places and characters in his romance novel. “I wanted something subtle and fun, rather than becoming yet another author beating his chest and saying, ‘Please read my book’,” said Serei.

Worldwide Launch of The Bee Keeper’s Daughter

The Bee Keepers Daughter by Shian Serei - Kingdom of Meridian Romance Novels

About The Bee Keeper’s Daughter

The Bee Keeper’s Daughter, the first volume in the Kingdom of Meridian romance saga is now available on all major eBook platforms and in print format. The story begins in Rostov Russia 1290AD as the Tatar invasion has impacted local towns. Through a twist of fateful events, the heroine of the story, Maria, must evade capture and travel up the Volga river to find safety with distant family. This coming of age story takes the reader on a suspense-filled journey alongside Maria as she discovers new friendships, romantic interests and the first experiences of her womanhood.  Join Maria as she discovers her destiny in a dangerous and fantastic world.

Romance Novel Language References

Russian language and customs are sprinkled…Continue reading

Romance Novelist Shian Serei Enters Russian Book Market

Shian Serei published Kingdom of Meridian in Russia

Aspiring Authors Seek Platforms Beyond Amazon

For emerging eBook authors, the path is quite common: Write a manuscript, find a publisher and get listed on Amazon. For the more adventurous, there are additional platforms such as the Nook, Kobo and iBooks to extend your presence in the world of online books. While Google Play revises its eBook system, leaving it currently unavailable to new authors, the ability to reach audiences in foreign countries becomes more challenging. That’s where new platforms become more attractive for authors seeking the widest range of potential readers.

Getting Your Romance Novel on Russian Book Sites

Shian Serei, author of the Kingdom of Meridian Saga (see Volume 1 – The Bee Keeper’s Daughter) was frustrated by the limitations of getting books into the…Continue reading

Book Trailer Reaches 100,000 Views

100,000+ Views on YouTube

We’re excited to announce the 100,000 view milestone has been reached on for the official trailer of The Bee Keeper’s Daughter. The trailer was a concept project, meant to draw attention to the first book, The Bee Keeper’s Daughter, in the Kingdom of Meridian saga, written by Shiån Serei.

Book Becomes Video Game

The story has also gained interest as a script for an emerging 3D video game based on the Meridian saga. Game production begins in September 2016 with the second book in the series, The Kings Bodyguard, due out in December 2016.

Book Available Wordlwide

The Bee Keeper’s Daughter, a medieval romance saga, will be available worldwide on August 28, 2016, on Kindle, iBooks, Kobo and Nook, as well as a…Continue reading

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